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Mary Washington and Purple Passion Asparagus

I have spent a lot of time the last few days working on a new raised bed (Bed #3) for my Asparagus. 

 I originally planned to plant these along the fence line, but given the long life span of Asparagus (10 years or even more) I decided against it.  With any luck the Asparagus will last a lot longer than my fence will! The new bed does not hug the fence, so now my Asparagus should survive the next fence replacement.  Who says I don’t plan long term?:)

I didn’t plan out everything to perfection however…my new Bed did not have enough room for all my Asparagus crowns, I found space for 15 of them (I have 30 ready to go in the ground).
Nearest the house I planted two rows of 5 of Mary Washington Improved Asparagus – Giant Grade, behind these I squeezed in one more row of 5, this time of Purple Passion Asparagus – 2 year.

At the same time I fertilized the new bed with ‘‘Vigoro Timed-Release All Purpose Plant Food 19-6-12′, hopefully this will get the Asparagus off to a good start. I do have some special ‘Asparagus Food’ fertilizer on it’s way, details in an upcoming post.
While I wait for it to arrive, I will work on extending Bed #3 to hold the rest of my Asparagus!

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