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How To Get Rid Of Termites

Termites are the biggest threat to homes; they destroy homes from the inside out. Termites hide so they are hard to find and when you do find them it’s too late. Paying an exterminator can cost you hundreds of dollars, however with the right upkeep you can prevent them! Here are some tips to detect and rid your home of termite infestations.

Check the Baseboards

Check around your home for termites. From the inside of your home you can notice a termite problem by detecting some “dust” or “powder” looking substance on the carpet around the baseboards in your home. It is common to see this in the basement areas of homes where daily living is less likely to occur.

Check the Exterior

Always look outside your home for termites. When you are mowing the lawn, look around for signs of rotting wood or rotting near the foundation or decking of your home. Power washing your deck is a good idea to help keep the pest under control. MTD parts have some great outdoor tools that you can use for this purpose. Plan on spraying your woof deck with the proper wood protecting formula and repellant to prevent termite problems

Prevention Time

The best way to stop termites is to prevent them. Make sure the home is dry: leaks, standing water, gutters and moist areas inside and outside the home must be handled accordingly. Keep wood off the property. Cut down limbs from tree and remove those and other piles of wood from the property. Look for signs of sagging floors, hollow foundations parts and holes in wood work. Tap the affected wood to check for hollowness. Push the screwdriver to see if wood gives easily and falls apart; it shouldn’t if you don’t have termites. Caulk and seal windows, cracks and doorways. Cover up gaps around pipes and electrical wiring. Add screens to doors, porches and windows to prevent termite infestation.

Laying the Bait

The signs that a termite is damaging the home are within the first five years. If termites are found there is a solution to handle it before it tears the foundation apart. Examine the area further for brown or tan substance–termite droppings. A better confirmation is to see the termites, but it’s not necessary. Use termite control products at your local home improvement store. Lay the bait near affected areas. Also spray termiticide on the same areas. If that fails try orange oil to kill off the termite infestation. Give it time for the oil to work before moving on to the last suggestion. When nothing else works the final solution is to hire an exterminator. Finding an exterminator is about finding one who is licensed, insured, qualified and worth the money spent.

Protecting your home from termite infestations can save you thousands of dollars! When it comes to pests like termites, your home can easily be vulnerable since they go for the wood, which makes up a large majority of the main structure of your home. Contact a certified exterminator to inspect your home and to prevent any termite infestations from occurring.

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