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The Benefits To Mulching Trees And Shrubs

Are you a gardener? There is something that is so relaxing about spending some time out in the sun working on a garden. You get the benefits of feeling satisfaction through your hard work and great fruits and vegetables to eat. It has many health benefits as well as studies show it helps to burn calories and provides help with mental well-being.

Growing a garden can be time consuming and hard work, but there are a few things that you can do to help improve the quality of your garden and make it easier to grow great produce. It is vital that the plants get enough water. Also, you need to make sure they are protected from bugs, deer, or other animals that may eat them. Finally, it is important that they get the proper nutrients. One great way to make sure your plants get the nutrients they need is by mulching them.

What is Mulch?

Mulches are material that covers the soil to help retain moisture, improve soil nutrients, and suppress weeds. This can make a big difference in how your plants grow. One thing that can be difficult is making sure that they get the water that they need. By covering your trees or shrubs with mulch, they will hold on to water for longer so that you don’t have to be as worried about them drying out.

A second benefit to mulching is that it helps keep the soil nutrient dense. As the mulch decomposes it releases nutrients into the ground so your trees and shrubs will have a constant supply of the minerals and nutrients they need. You can even make your own mulch out of recycled food products. This is great for the environment and it can save you a good amount of money.

A third benefit of mulching is that it can help keep weeds down. Much of our time working in a garden is polling those pesky weeds. It seems like every Saturday growing up I was spending hours pulling weeds in the morning. Weeds can take water and nutrients from your plants so it important to keep them away. But mulching your plants you will keep them weed free, properly watered, and give them good nutrients.

Make Your Own Mulch

Using the right tools can make a difference in maintaining your yard properly; this site has parts for Echo hedge trimmers and other outdoor tools. You can easily use the scraps from your old trees and other shrubs and make them into mulch. Here is a simple process to make your own mulch:

  1. Section off a part of your yard for your mulch/compost pile.
  2. Start off by adding leaves to the base. They tend to decompose faster.
  3. Rent a wood chipper so you can add the old branches from trees and hedges.
  4. Place additional layers of leaves on top of the branches that you have chopped.
  5. Allow the mulch pile to sit through the winter, about 4 months or so.
  6. In the spring, till the mulch into your garden to have nutrient-rich soil.
  7. For a layer around plants, use the wood chipper in the spring to create a nice-smelling mulch that can be added around the yard.

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