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New House, new Garden!

Having recently moved to a new house, I have an entire new garden to work with.

My former residence, a townhouse, had a postage stamp sized yard.  The new place (in Keller, TX) has a good sized yard.  I do have to work around a pool, but even so I have a lot more real estate to work with.

There are two good sized areas of lawn in the back yard which show a lot of promise for conversion to some productive (and fun!) use.  I have already began the process of converting one of these using a modified form of the ‘Lasagna Gardening‘ method.

I hope to have some more updates on my progress posted soon!

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Delicious Healthy Salad recipe

I threw together this unusually delicious salad last night.   I am certainly no gourmet chef, but I thought it worth sharing:)

1/2 head of red leaf lettuce, chopped

1 tomato, wedged

1/2 mango, diced

1 appled, chopped

1/4 stick of celery, chopped fine

1 clementine, pulled into wedges

It tastes great without any dressing.  The Mango and Clementine juices seemed to fulfil that role!

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Growth Update

Today I am performing some record keeping, logging some information on the growth in some of my beds so far.  It will be interesting to look back at this over the year and monitor my progress.

First of all the tomatoes.  Today I finally put some twine up to help guide the growth of these plants, they have grown a lot, and were getting to the point they might of started shading my green crops (Chives, Cilantro, Lettuce) I have planteed in front of them.
Tomato Plants on May 10th, 2007

With luck they will grab hold of the twine, I may have to revisit again if not. Note I also took the opportunity to trim a lot of the low to the ground branches from the Tomatos. I read somewhere this was a good idea, although I forget the reasoning!  On the far left you can see the Chives and Cilantro showing some decent growth, the Lettuce varieties (largely out of frame) are not doing quite so well.

The next bed, with the Pea and Carrot plantings, is making slow progress. I am seeing the Peas grow, but they aren’t exactly shooting up.
I still have some unused ground in the back right corner of this bed. I will keep it open for a couple more weeks, and then use it for a second crop of Peas (or perhaps Corn?)
Peas and Carrots on May 10th, 2007

Over in the third bed, the Corn is thriving.  It isn’t obvious in this picture, but a few of the plants have a tinge of yellow on some of the leaves.  I’m not sure if this indicates some kind of deficiency.  I gave this crop a little of the Asparagus fertilizer a few days ago, just in case.
Corn on May 10th, 2007

The final entry in today updates is my Shallots.  These have been rather problematic.  A few of the Sets washed completely out of the ground in one of the big storms (and I discovered they were upside down too boot).  It would not at all surprise me if some of the missing Sets are actually growing downwards right now, the ones that are actually visibly growing are doing so rather vigorously.
Shallots on May 10th, 2007

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Peas and Carrots planted

Today I planted half of bed #2.

I sowed 2 rows of Sweet Peas, 5 in each row, into the back left quarter of the bed. The plan eventually is to provide them some kind of trellis work for support, but I have a little while before I need to worry about that.

In front of the peas I scattered some carrot seeds, I was generous with the seeds, and suspect I will need to thin some seedlings before long.

The right hand half of Bed #2 remains empty for now.